Despite the political vicissitudes Italy is still an interesting partner in Europe for economic development. Here you can find info and suggestions to improve your strategy to hit the great “Pizza-Country”

Geographical Advantages

From a geographical point of view, Italy offers numerous advantages. Firstly it borders 4 countries: Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and France. In addition, from Milan you can reach the German border in about 5 hours. Therefore it can be said that Italy has the opportunity to connect the South and the center of Europe.
Secondly, Italy has many ports (Venice, Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Cagliari, Augusta and so on) throughout the “Boots” with an annual with a maritime cargo traffic that only in 2017 increased by 12.4% for a total value of imports amounting to about 240 billion euros.

With 60,483,973 inhabitants (based on December 2017 statistics), Italy is the fourth country in the European Union by population (after Germany, France and the United Kingdom) and the 23rd in the world

A new wave of optimism for consumption

2017 ended positively for Italy with an increase in consumption of 1.5%. For 2018 expectations are even better, economic forecasts show a prospect of increasing consumption, for example, by 8.5% in the electronics sector and 2.1% in the food sector.

Thanks to an increase in the purchasing power of households, Italy should reach growth rates close to 1% for 2018.
A new confidence is also felt among the Italians who, again by way of example, between 23% and 64% have set a budget for this year for travel expenses and electronic items.

Growth data of import/export in Italy

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, Italy is sailing the wave of new optimism, greater purchasing power and an increase in imports. In 2017, imports of products grew by + 9% compared to the previous year for a value of € 400.659 million. For the export we are at a very similar value of 448.107 million euros with a growth of + 7.9% compared to 2016.

website by The Italian Ministry of the Economical Progress

A Digital “Pizza-Country”

According to the “Global Digital 2018” survey conducted by We Are Social in collaboration with Hootsuite, the most used social media management platform in the world, even the beautiful pizza country is a lover of the web and social world.

In January 2018, on a considered population of 59.33 million inhabitants, 43.31 million are internet lovers and 34.00 million are the social media habitues.
Basing on these data, we can understand that there are several possibilities to digitally penetrate consumers’ homes. All this with a good knowledge of the market, an adequate communication and an adequate commercial proposal.


5 Good tips to succeed with Italian Companies

1) Italians are culturally predisposed to be open, sociable, they love good food and technology. They love feeling in a specific way when they own a product. Often more than the technical issues related to the product, they are more inclined to capture the feeling that it may give them or to the objectives that it can make them reach.

2) The most beloved brands by Italians, according to a recent statistic of the economic newspaper par excellence “IlSole24” are:
A) Mulino Bianco
B) Ferrero
C) Barilla
D) Ikea
E) Nivea
To deepen the marketing strategies implemented by one or more of these brands, it can be useful to develop yours.

3) There are two mental attitudes that usually distinguish an Italian in business: the search for security (and this applies to every human being on the face of the earth) and the search for benefit for himself and for his family. For these reasons, at first glance, Italian may seem suspicious, until it is certain that the two benefits mentioned above can be obtained. The two tools for success are professionalism and prove to be highly specialized in your service and / or product and, secondly, to be endowed with patience. Highlighting the benefits / advantages of your services / products are, in general, winning moves for your business.

4) The Italians are Business-Men but first of all they are Men: always for the value of the security mentioned in the previous point, they love to be followed in the business, considered, they love the direct relationship and the telephone contact. Often cold emails or impersonal written communications do not receive the same success as direct communication. Also delegating this communication to other figures in your company, if the contract was stipulated with you or the agreements taken with you, does not help your relationship with the Italian customer.

5) Do not forget to smile and drink a good coffee with your Italian customer or an aperitif. The moments of socialization are much appreciated also in the business, both for cultural inclination and for habit. An attitude of this kind also helps to build the feeling of trust and confidence in you.

VERY IMPORTANT: The Communication that you will put into act for selling in Italy should meet the Expectations and Cultural Features of this Country. Rely to Communication Companies that can support you on this.
Our company JUNGLE ART OG, headed by two Italians, has created in this regard the project “Roaring Italy“ to create this bridge of communication between the European Countries (with particular focus on Austria and Germany) and Italy.

written by Lorenza Veronese

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